Pillow Guide


Bed linens from HOMESCAPES are made for you and your comfort is always foremost in our minds. Our moto is to give to you a perfect sleep. Homescapes provides you the widest possible range of pillows and you can choose a pillow that is most apt to give to you the best possible sleep so that you wake up fresh rejevunated.

Pillow Dimensions

Standard 18”x27”/46x69cm
King 20”x36”/51x92cm
Hotel Pillow 20”x30”/51cmx76cm
Euro Pillow 26”x26”/66x66cm
Body Pillow 18”x48”/46x122cm

 What do we fill inside these wonderful pillows

Our pillows come with different kind of fillings to give you a wide choice for your personalized pillow.

Natural Filling Pillows

Down & Feather: This filling is made from the Down & Feather yielded from the birds Goose and Ducks from the WATER FOWL family found in abundance in Europe( France, Hungary), Asia( Siberia, China) and North America(Canada). This is the best pillow filling known to the mankind. Down & Feather is 100% natural product that millions of air traps to give it an enormous bounciness and loft that is extremely soft and PERMANENT. All Down & Feather pillows from Homescapes come with a warranty of minimum three years but in fact last you for a lifetime.The Down & feather fillings are classified based on the ratio of Down contents used in the filling. HIGHER THE DOWN CONTENT, BETTER THE PILLOW. The most popular fillings used in Homescapes pillows are:

  • 10% down/ 90% Feather
  • 20% Down/80% Feather
  • 30% down/70% Feather
  • 50% Down/50% Feather
  • 70% Down/30% feather
  • 100% Down

Homescapes feathers are all certified to Oekotex standards making them hypoallergenic. This process involves steaming the feathers, killing all dust mites and ensuring they are safe to be used by all.

The shell fabric(Pillow casing):

All our Down & Feather pillows are encased in HIGH THREAD COUNT, 100% COTTON, CAMBRICK WEAVE, DOWN PROOF FABRIC that has been specially processed and does not allow any Downs or Feathers to poke out from the pillow. The fabric is fully Anti dust mite and does not allow the entry of any dustmite into the pillow. 

Our Range of down & Feather Pillows:
Other Natural Fillings Homescapes Pillow
Tencel Fiber Pillow
Filled with Tencel fiber from Euclaptus wood bark and encased in a high thread count damask cotton fabric.
Alo-vera gel processed Pillow
Filled with hypoallergenic super micro fibres and encased ina Alo Vera gel processed fabric.
Natural cotton Filled pillow
Filled with natural and sterlised cotton fill that gives you a total natural feel.
Wool Pillow:
Filled with top quality merino wool fiber and encased in 100% cotton high thread count down proof fabric.
Soya Pillow:
Filled with soya Fiber and encased in a high thread count 100% cotton down proof fabric
Bamboo Pillow
Filled with bamboo fiber and encased in a high thread count down proof fabric.

 Man Made Fibres Pillows

Super Micro Fiber Pillows

  • The Homescapes Super Micro fiber pillows are ideal for those who may have some allergy to feathers or would prefer to rather sleep on a fiber pillow. The Super micro Fibres have all the characteristics and goodness of Downs but are far easier to maintain, totally allergy free and odorless as also more economical.These fibres have come in with a cut length of 0.7 Deniers to 1 denier.
  • Pillow Casing: Mostly, these pillows are encased in super soft Peach finished Micro Fibre fabric which is totally static free and anti dustmite.
  • A real value for money and a FIRST CHOICE for the best of business Hotels.

Polyster(Conjugated hollow Fiber) pillows

  • Made with silconised conjugated polyster fibres with a staple cut length that varies from 7 deniers to 14 deniers. These are highly functional and economical, yet esthetic and meticulously crafted pillow.
  • Pillow casing: Encased in 100% cotton or blended cotton shell fabrics.
  • First Choice Of Budget hotels.

Pillow Firmness Rating matrix

Each one of us has an extremely personalized choice when it comes to choose between a firm, not so firm, soft or super soft pillow. It would also depend to a large extent on our sleeping postures. Homescapes has on its platter a wide range of pillows that range from Firm to Super Soft and you can pick your ideal pillow from these. Based on the firmness, our pillows are rated as below:
  • HARD
  • FIRM
  • SOFT


For Natural Pillows

Washing Instructions

Step 1: Machine wash at 40 degrees unless specified on the care label using a small amount of liquid soap. This should be done on a ‘delicates’ setting if possible with no other items in the washing machine. There is a likelihood that bleaches or fabric softener can leave a residue affecting the fluffiness of the pillow when you come to use it again.

Step 2: Gently squeeze out any excess water from the pillow before drying. Homescapes recommend that down pillows are put through at least two rinse cycles to prevent residue and ensure maximum comfort throughout the lifetime of the pillow.

Step 3: Tumble dry on a low heat setting separately to allow adequate space for drying. Using dryer balls helps to ensure that the filling is effectively separated and dried equally during the drying cycle (Homescapes do not recommend using tennis balls as the dye can transfer onto the pillows). Do not leave down pillows in the dryer for long periods of time without checking as pillows can scorch. Between cycles, remove pillows and fluff pillows by hand. The drying cycle should take 2-4 hours depending on the density of the pillows.

Step 4: When not in use, store in a dry, well-ventilated place to avoid mildew.

Care Instructions

1. Always use your feather pillow with a good quality pillow case to avoid moisture and dirtiness.

2. For minor spots etc. spot cleaning is recommended.

3. Air your pillows regularly to enjoy the fluffiness and complete loft of your pillows.

4. Please follow the washing instructions and please ensure that the feathers dry completely and there is no moisture left to avoid any smell etc.

5. When not in use, please keep the pillows in the storage bag provided by Homescapes in a dry well ventilated place to avoid smell and mildew. 

Wash care for MAN MADE FIBRE Pillows

All of our synthetic pillows are machine washable with a small amount of liquid soap (always check the care label for washing temperatures). We recommend that all of our synthetic pillows are dried separately in a tumble dryer to allow each adequate space to more around and dry fully. All our synthetic pillows are washable IN COLD OR LUKEWARM WATER. FOR DETAILS, PLEASE ALWAYS FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS PROVIDED ON THE WASH CARE LABEL.