Duvet Guide


Bed linens from HOMESCAPES are made for you and your comfort is always foremost in our minds. Our moto is to give to you a perfect sleep. Homescapes provides you the widest possible range of pillows and you can choose a pillow that is most apt to give to you the best possible sleep so that you wake up fresh rejevunated.


Single 60”X90”/152x228cm
Double 90”x100”/228x254cm
King 90”x108”/228x254cm
Super King 104″ x 110”/228x280cm


The Tog is a universal unit of measurement which is used to denote warmth in duvets. The higher the number of togs a duvet possesses, the warmer it will be.

4.5 Tog This is a summer weight duvet ideal for warmer climates. Will help to wick moisture away from the body and retain enough heat to keep you the perfect temperature.
10.5 Tog An autumn/spring duvet, enough warmth to keep you comfortable without being too warm.
13.5 Tog A winter weight duvet that performs exceptionally well at retaining body heat.
15 Tog A very warm duvet for the coldest nights of winter. A very useful duvet in colder climates.
13.5 Tog (4.5 + 9) All Seasons The all seasons duvet comprises of two separate duvets one 4.5 Tog summer duvet and one 9 Tog autumn/spring weight duvet. The two duvets combine intelligently to form a 13.5 Tog duvet which is suitable for winter temperatures. This effectively provides a solution for all year round.
15 Tog(4.5 + 10.5) All Seasons It’s the warmer version of all seasons as the combined tog is a warm 15 tog duvet. Like the one above, both the duvets can be used separately and also together depending on the season. The two duvets are attached with a large number of press stud buttons, which allows both the duvets to attach perfectly with each other.


Duvets from HOMESCAPES come with the following fillings:

1.Natural or Feather and Down Fillings

These fillings are derived from the Goose and Ducks( Birds from the Water Fowl family). Down is the best known insulator to the mankind. Completely natural and breathing, the Down & Feather fillings provide us with a heavenly Naural Comfort for a perfect wonder sleep. The downs and feathers trap in their clusters billions of air traps that give the duvet an inimitable softness and loft. These duvets, being natural and breathable, regulate the temperature and keep you warm and cozy when its cold and do nicely comfortable when its not so cold. These duvets do not make you perspire unlike the synthethetic duvets.
The Downs and feathers used to make the HOMESCAPES duvets are processed at Hi Tech plants using state of the art machines that sort, clean and blend these feathers and after due quarantine certification, these are: 



Super Microfibre Duvets: A Fine Hotel Quality Duvet

The Super Micro Fiber Duvets from Homescapes are extremely high quality duvets and the best possible alternative to the Down Duvets. The Super MicroFibres are made from extremely fine denier (0.7-1.0) and these fibres provide a comfort and feel that is very similar to natural Downs.


♠ Natural Duvets

All of Homescapes natural duvets have casing with the following properties:

  1. 100% cotton down proof fabric.
  2. Very high thread count, with a minimum thread count of 233.
  3. Anti dust mite fabric for a very healthy and allergy free sleeping experience.

And all natural duvets boast double stitched edges and continental baffle box construction. Baffle box is a technique of stitching the filling into place to prevent clumping and cold spots in the duvet. As a result, the filling is even distributed in pockets and in between each pocket is a dividing wall which prevents the movement of feather and down, leaving no cold spots and hence a blissful 5 star sleeping experience.

♠ Super Microfibre Duvets

100% very soft and tactile MICRO FIBER fabric is used for these duvets with anti-allergenic properties. The thread count is very high and is anti dust mite. Like natural duvets, super microfibre duvets also have a baffle box construction. Since super microfibre filling is just like goose down, the filling can travel but for this construction which ensures that there is uniform warmth in all pockets (sections) of the duvet.


Step1: Machine wash at 40 degrees unless specified on the care label using a small amount of liquid soap. This should be done on a ‘delicates’ setting if possible with no other items in the washing machine. There is a likelihood that bleaches or fabric softener can leave a residue affecting the fluffiness of the duvet when you come to use it again.

Note: For larger duvets, a Laundromat is recommended as the larger washing machines assure that the whole duvet can be cleaned

Step2: Gently squeeze out any excess water from the duvet before drying. Homescapes recommend that down duvets are put through at least two rinse cycles to prevent residue and ensure maximum comfort throughout the lifetime of the duvet.

Step3: Tumble dry on a low heat setting separately to allow adequate space for drying. Using dryer balls helps to ensure the filling is effectively separated and dried equally during the drying cycle (Homescapes do not recommend using tennis balls as the dye can transfer onto the duvet). Do not leave duvets in the dryer for long periods of time without checking as they can scorch. Between cycles, remove duvets and shake out to ensure duvet is adequately dry throughout. The drying cycle should take 2-4 hours depending on the thickness of the duvet.

Step4: When not in use, store in a dry, well-ventilated place to avoid mildew.