Maternity Support Pillows

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      Mumma's Lap - Nursing Pillow
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      Motherhood is an exciting phase in one’s life and as you unravel this journey, Homescapes lends you the extra support.


      We understand that your changing body needs something to rely on and our maternity pillows are just the right fit! The soft and flexible shape allows you to sleep comfortably in any position and ensures a good blood circulation. It also helps you deal with pregnancy issues of leg cramps, heartburns and nasal congestion- all with the help of a good night’s sleep with apt maternity pillows!

      Postpartum support as well

      The support of our maternity pillows extend beyond your pregnancy and is a great saviour postpartum as well. It offers you support while you recover from labor, delivery and can also be used for nursing your newborn.

      An emotion

      The maternity pillow is not just a bedding accessory, but a companion through your motherhood journey. At Homescapes, we take pride in creating a product that assists you in your transformative journey and share this wonderful memory with you.