How to Choose the Best Duvet for Your Bed?

How to Choose the Best Duvet for Your Bed?

If you are looking for new duvet or duvet covers, it is best to learn about the different features. Duvets or down comforters are soft and plush quilt filled with different materials for providing optimal comfort and feel. Today, you can buy duvet online and find endless options while also saving more. Traditionally, materials like down and geese and duck fibers were used for providing natural insulation. Today, they can also be filled with synthetic fibers and firm feathers.

Duvets & Duvet Covers

Duvets are made to be used with duvet covers for protection. When choosing a new duvet, it is also important to buy duvet cover it will protect the down comforter against spills, damage, and body oil.

Thread Count

When choosing duvet covers, it is important to consider the threat count, the number of threads per square inch of fabric.

  • Higher thread count translates into softer duvets
  • Denser weave also means the down is well contained
  • It is recommended to choose duvets of at least 300 thread count
  • If you are going to use a duvet cover, you can consider choosing duvets with average thread count

Fill Power

When choosing to buy duvet sets online, you can come across a useful factor known as fill power.

  • Fill power refers to the duvet’s fluffiness
  • It means the amount of space occupied by 1 ounce of the down
  • A higher fill power translates into higher quality
  • It also stands as a measure of thickness and insulation
  • A duvet intended for summer use should have maximum 400 fill power
  • A duvet intended to be used all year round should have 400-600 fill power
  • A duvet for cold weather should have 600-800 fill power
  • If you live in an extremely cold place, you should choose a duvet with 800 or higher fill power


It is also important to consider duvet construction when you buy duvet sets. The down can shift and create pockets and lumps without construction. If you want the fill to have even spread, you should check the construction. There are different types of constructions including the following:

  • Baffle Box: Usually, the most expensive and warmest duvets have this type of construction. It features small fabric baffles that hold the down in place.
  • Channel: They feature parallel seams in place of checkerboard pattern. The ‘channels’ across the bedding allow the down to shift slightly. This allows moving ‘down’ for more comfort or warmth in areas like the feet or side.
  • Quilt Stitching: They also feature similar quilted checkerboard look as the baffle box duvets. However, there are no fabric strips to provide additional support. They are perfect for lower fill-power duvets.
  • Gusset: The duvets feature fabric walls on the sides, adding to the height. They are mostly baffle-stitched. Even when they are slightly expensive, they provide excellent cozy warmth.

Fill weight is another important factor to be considered when choosing duvets. It refers to the number of ounces of down within a duvet. Usually higher fill power translates into lower fill weight. So a warm duvet with higher fill power is going to be lighter. It is also recommended to choose hypoallergenic bed linen duvet covers to match you duvets.