Best Positions to Place Neck Pain Pillow for Spondylosis

Best Positions to Place Neck Pain Pillow for Spondylosis

Learning the ways to position this pillow can help in answering the doctor’s questions related to sleeping poses. It also helps in deriving the best benefits of neck roll pillow.

Some of the suggested positions for placing orthopedic pillows for back pain and neck pain are explained below:

Place roll pillows in the groove of the neck

People may stuff a towel at the base of the pillow to create a rolling-pin like base. This base can be placed just below the neck groove to help the spine to align properly. The groove of the neck also gets support. As someone who works in position with neck drooped for long, the pain in groove is very common thing to experience. It further aggravates into spondylosis. Thus, neck roll kind of supporting pillow can help restrict the situation in initial stage itself.

Position the pillow till long below the neck

The pain in cervical region is one of the classic symptoms of spondylosis. There is a nervous discomfort attached too. aggravated pain in neck can lead to shoulder blades and back too. it is suggested to place the cervical neck support pillow in a position that does not cover the neck only. The pillow is placed long way extending below the neck providing support to the shoulder blades and the back too. It, thus, helps solving the discomforts of the back arising due to neck pain or spondylosis.

Position the pillow like body support

Mostly, the idea of using body pillow is applicable for the side sleepers and pregnant women or all those who cannot sleep on stomach but love having something in contact with the belly, The pillow can be kept along the length of the body, covering its lower part with the knee pulled up towards chest and the upper part with the shoulder. By placing the pillow in this position, you can get relief from acidic reflux, back pain and neck pain, too, to some extent.

Place the pillow between the knees

This way of positioning the best pillow for spondylosis helps a lot in reducing the lower back pain. Whenever the aggravated spondylosis shows its impact on the lower back or there is any issue related to bulging disc, the best position is to place the pillow between the knees. By adopting this position, the knee and ankle is aligned with the hip, this reduces the pain in the hip joint caused due to incorrect sleeping position. If you are someone with a bulkier body frame, this position is of great help.

Place below alternate arm or shoulder

This is useful in finding relief from the pain in shoulder blades or arm. The user can place the normal pillow below the head and the pillow for neck pain below the arm or shoulder. Place it to provide the elbow very good support, too.

Pay attention to the body type and then the point of pain, and then pick the positions as mentioned above. You will be able to sleep well.