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₹1,444.50 ₹1,605.00 -10%

Set Content : Quilted Waterproof Mattress Protector
Option Types : Protector with Elastic Band
Colour : White
Weight : 150 GSM
Length : 75 / 78 inches
Width :  36 / 48 / 60 / 72 inches
Filling : 150 GSM Thermal Bonded Silkonized Hollow Fibre Wadding. 

Shell Fabric : DUPONT Certified Tyvek Fabric.

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Water Repellent Quilted Mattress Protector

Mattress protectors, as the name say they are used to protect the mattress from damage and liquid spills. They help to retain the comfort and quality of the mattress even after years of use. With these protectors, you can eat your breakfast on your bed without any concern of stains on your mattress or you can let your kids play on the bed without any concern for damage to the mattress.

Luxury Mattress Protector

These luxury mattress protectors are widely appreciated for their excellent texture and luxury essence. They have the ability to simply enhance the look of your bed. The shell fabric is made from high-quality DUPONT Certified Tyvek Fabric which ensures a smooth texture. They offer a seamless look to your bed and maintain the shape of your mattress. Filled with high-grade 50 GSM Thermal Bonded Silkonized Hollow Fibre Wadding, they add softness and enhance the comfort of your pillows. The filling is also equally distributed to with crisscross stitches for an even finish. These quilted waterproof mattress protectors offer a luxurious look where everyone wants to sleep.

Seamless Bed Surface

They enhance the comfort and also protect the mattress from liquid spills as they are waterproof. The high-quality filling will provide you warmth keep you relaxed. You will never feel any sense of discomfort or irritation when you are sleeping on these protectors. These waterproof mattress protectors also fit perfectly on the bed thanks to the elastic edges designs on them.

High Quality Quilted Waterproof Protector

They are made from the finest quality fabric and filling. Buy mattress protector online in single and double bed sizes as per your requirement. All the products are quality checked to attain perfection. You can avail these mattress protectors at a reasonable price. You can also wash them following the instructions are given in the product description.