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₹376.00 ₹470.00 -20%
₹376.00 ₹470.00 -20%

Set Content : Neck Roll Pillow
Colour : Orchid, Maroon, Pink, Dark Olive Green
Weight : 250 Grams

Size : 30 X 30 cm / 12 X 12 Inches

Filling : Super Micro fibre.

Shell Fabric : Peach Finished Micro fabric.

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Cervical Neck Support Pillow

When it comes to sleep, it is quality over a number of hours that matters. After struggling whole day at workplaces, our body needs to heal itself to face the challenges that life throws at us. The lack of sleep subsequently can keep the feeling of fatigue alive, that leads to not only physical problems but can often lead to mental illness as well. It can reduce the ability to take decisions and creative skills of a person. Ensure a peaceful sleep with Cervical neck support pillow that will provide you the perfect support for your body.

The High Utility Factor

The cervical spine is constructed by seven bones in the neck. The normal shape of the spine is a gentle curve which when to get shifted even a little pain, causes the chronic problem of cervical. The best pillow for neck pain gives support to your back and neck by taking off the stress on the spine which can be really effective if you wake up with pain in these areas of your body. This neck rest pillow maintains the natural position of your head when you lay down. All the neck support pillows are designed to support your back, neck and head in its natural resting position.

The Ultimate Way to Treat Cervical Pain

The fine quality of neck roll pillow is integrated with 100% cotton cambric down proof fabric which proved them the essential firmness to conform to your head, neck and pain. The perfect blend of down and feathers in 70% and 30% ratio gives them long-lasting durability and provide an exceptionally smooth texture. They allow the quick ventilation between the body and the pillow which results in great comfort and support.

Get Neck Pillows Online

Homescapes offer an offbeat collection of the best pillows for neck pain that are specially designed with active compounds that provide the cushioned protection for the neck, head and back, whisking away the stress off the muscles. Place your order and pick of the most convenient ways of making payments according to your choice from www.homescapesindia.com.