Pillows are not the item of home décor merely. These are actually the comfort providing materials that help you have sound sleep. Market is buzzing with the variety of pillows rolled out regularly. These different types of pillows serve multiple purposes and provide the much needed comfort and support anybody looks for. So, here are a few important uses of pillows that might have escaped your attention, and that you should be aware of:

  • Pillow for maternity purposes: Women breastfeeding tiny-weenie infants find it difficult to manage them in laps and feed them at the same time. Due to no support available for back and neck, and also due to typical breastfeeding pose, the lactating women are most prone to neck and back pains. So, it is advisable to buy maternity pillow and use them while sitting and sleeping. Pillow as means for comfort for expectant and lactating mothers is certainly a thought that does not occur to the mind so easily.
  • Pillow for spondolysis: Various physiotherapists and orthopedics suggest not using any pillow while sleeping. And, if at all it is to be used, then the pillow should be of optimal thickness. But, people due to the erroneous sleeping poses never pay attention to the physical harms caused by pillows. So, eventually they suffer from problems like stiff neck, spondolysis etc. People who have developed problems with neck, such as spondolysis, are advised to use typical pillows. They must find and use only spondylosis pillow for neck to support the neck while sleeping to tackle the pain and discomfort caused due to this ailment.
  • Body pillow for pregnant women: Pregnant women, especially during late trimester, find it difficult to find correct pose while sleeping due to gain in body weight. Some prefer keeping one pillow for neck and the other to support the grown up tummy while sleeping. But, these two pillows can definitely be replaced with one body pillow that offers support to the whole body of the pregnant women when they are on bed. These pillows ensure that baby is safe in womb by encouraging women to adopt correct sleeping pose. And, these pillows also offer ample comfort to induce effortless sleeping to women who end up turning to their sides whole night due to lack of support to back and tummy.

When such are the noble causes served by pillows, don’t these items deserve care and protection too? Taking care of pillows and bed covers is not as difficult as thought by many. It is possible to protect pillows easily by using covers for them. Thankfully, one can get to buy pillow covers online these days and get them delivered at their doorsteps just like all other items bought over the web. In fact, the pillow covers are available as combo offer too when you choose to buy pillow online. Hopefully, after reading all the benefits and uses of pillows, you will think twice before getting into pillow fight and would treat them with all the love and care which these shower back on their users.

Written by Homescapes India
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