Duvet Blankets

It’s August and winters are fast proceeding and about to knock the doors of your home. A distinct change in weather is observed. Experiencing shorter days, lengthy nights and cooler climate is an indication that winters are soon to arrive.

The blanket would surely help you brace the effect of the intense chilly winds with their warmth and cozy feel. The markets which are jam-packed with dozens of cotton duvet sets may leave you feel totally confused and baffled. You may ensure to purchase a quality duvet to dress your bed by reading through the following pointers that would help you determine the parameters on basis of which you can select the best blanket for your room décor.

High thread count- The cotton fabric comprises the most exterior layer of blanket. The high thread count of cotton ensures density. The denser is fabric the better it would hold the fillings. If fillings are soft in texture and light in weight they may pop off from their surface, to make sure fillings stay intact in their place and doesn’t drift off. Buy duvets online at homescapesIndia.com that possesses an expertise to manufacture products having weaves as high as 200. Cotton ensures stability and strength to the duvet.

Fillers– Down feather fills would insulate you from intense winter impact and exude warmth to the sleeper. Sleep uninterrupted and wake up fresh and rejuvenated every morning. Feathers of the goose would support and contour your body. A quality duvet is the one which is a combination of both down and feathers.

Power of fill- It basically implies to the quantity of the fill. It refers to space one ounce of down or feathers occupy space. Quantity is proportional to the quality of fills. The better the quality the higher the quantity. Duvets are thicker and hence high on insulation.

Baffle box construct– Create a uniform or lump free surface. The three-dimensional check box pattern would seize the fall of the fill and ensure they don’t slip off from its surface. It also makes sure soft and lofty texture of duvet remain intact.

Written by Homescapes India
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