The usual pillows that we buy for home decoration are stuffed with the fabrics that are available common in the market and hence at times the quantity of the fillers is compromised. Hence, it resultantly suffers in quality. The durability of the linen is reduced to considerable levels as the power of fillers essentially determines the quality of the bedding accessory.

But at homescapesindia, one would avail a quality cervical support pillows that endear a highly relaxing, comforting and peaceful sleep to the individual. They are loaded with features that assure the users of reliable purchase.

Power of the fills

Stuffed in layers of memory foam filling, this perfect comfy bedding element comprises of further down and feather coating for providing a relaxing and pain relieving essence that is assured to it users.

The dense filling of 950 gsm assures the pillow would be infused with comfort from each angle and corner of the body. First, the foam absorbs the excess heat from the body and takes the shape of the body part where one places them and then, release the pressure and pain from body with its acupressure capabilities.

Supporting Fabrics

Apart from keeping the fillers intact at their place, the smooth texture further ensures the sleeper to feel an optimum level of comfort and relaxation ones they rest on them. With cotton fabrics, one may feel assured of being rewarded with hygienic and clean surroundings as fibers create immunity against allergies and infection.

Unique U design

The unique U design of the soft cervical pillow supports the natural curve to the neck. Also, they make sure the body stay align in right postures.


Available in a standard size, they would fit perfectly in single, double, king, and queen size of the bed with ease.

Written by Homescapes India
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